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A comprehensive guide to Mattel's Fashion Avenue™ line of clothing for Barbie®, her family, and friends, from 1995 to 2004

1995 Fashions

NOTE: Fashions were not officially divided into categories in 1995, but I have grouped them for ease of reference.

1996 Fashions

1997 Fashions

1998 Fashions

1999 Fashions

NOTE: In 1999 Mattel changed the packaging, created new categories, and introduced individual names for each fashion. The name "Sweet" was apparently changed partway through production, as the Mattel catalog lists all these fashions under "Charm".

2000 Fashions

2001 Fashions

NOTE: Some fashions dated 2002 are included here for reasons of consistency. The packaging was changed and the naming of fashions and categories was dropped partway through the 2002 line.

NOTE: Category names do not appear on the later 2002 fashions. The transition from boxes to blister cards occured during this year's run.

2002 Fashions

2003 Fashions

NOTE: The name "Fashion Avenue" no longer appears on the packaging, but the style is consistent with that of the late 2002 fashions. Category names have again been changed.

NOTE: Only a limited number of fashions were produced in 2004 before the line was discontinued.

2004 Fashions

Foreign Exclusives

NOTE: The fashions listed under Europe have also been found in Canada and Australia.

Store/Promotional Exclusives




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